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Stand 50 people

SKU 1010516
Ordinarie pris 218 400 kr - Ordinarie pris 218 400 kr
Ordinarie pris
218 400 kr
218 400 kr - 218 400 kr
Nuvarande pris 218 400 kr
Grandstand for all outdoor sports with 50 comfortable seats in three rows as well as a central staircase and railings 9.25 m x 2.13 m. The construction is made of steel profile tubes and heavy grating as floor covering. All steel parts are hot dip galvanized and absolutely weatherproof. The UV-resistant plastic bucket seats offer comfortable seating and can be supplied in different colors. The grandstand is supplied in 4 modules with a width of 2 m with 16 seats and a stair module with a width of 1.2 m and 2 seats for easy on-site assembly.

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