Nordic javelins is a hallmark among competitive sports- men and organizers all over the world. The famous Swedish javelins were first manufactured from thin-walled steel tubing by Seefab, Sandviken, more than 50 years ago, and have since then earned worldwide fame. In 1973 Nordic Sport took over the production.

A wide range of top achievements have been made with Nordic javelins; Numerous Olympic medals, World Championships medals and World records. The result achieved by a javelin thrower depend of course on his competence. The materials and the construction of his javelin, however, are of the utmost importance.

As a result of unique know-how and intensive research, the quality of the Nordic javelin has continuously been im- proved. We are determined to maintain this development.

Nordic javelins have won more championship medals and beaten more records than any other javelin in the world. Nordic Sport presents a wide range of javelins. All manufactured with the famous Nordic finish and Nordic quality.

We have created a Javelin Guide to help you find the right javelin for you! Click here to the Javelin Guide!

Distance Marker Elite Set 95 m - Nordic Sport ?id=5126127845494

Kastgränskub Elite Set 35-95 m

SKU: 1109416

(7 000 kr ex moms)
8 750 kr inkl moms

Kastgränskub Set 30-90 m - Nordic Sport

Kastgränskub Set 30-90 m

SKU: 1109415

(6 800 kr ex moms)
8 500 kr inkl moms

Measuring Devices for Throws - Nordic Sport ?id=4090876428406

Mätapparater för kast

SKU: 7900464

(4 600 kr ex moms)
5 750 kr inkl moms

Cart for Javelin Elite - Nordic Sport ?id=12126857887862

Spjutvagn Elite

SKU: 5120466

(3 600 kr ex moms)
4 500 kr inkl moms

Cart for Javelin - Nordic Sport ?id=22826860544181


SKU: 5120465

(2 200 kr ex moms)
2 750 kr inkl moms

Distance Marker Plus 35-95m - Nordic Sport ?id=5126331465846

Kastmarkörer Plus 35-95m

SKU: 1109426

(1 950 kr ex moms)
2 438 kr inkl moms

Distance Marker Plus 30-90 m - Nordic Sport ?id=5126379569270

Kastmarkörer Plus 30-90 m

SKU: 1109425

(1 950 kr ex moms)
2 438 kr inkl moms

Javelin Bag Elite - Nordic Sport

Spjutbag Elite

SKU: 7900032

från (1 400 kr ex moms)
1 750 kr inkl moms

Distance Marker Elite - Nordic Sport ?id=7812561240182

Kastgränskub Elite

SKU: 1109414

(1 050 kr ex moms)
1 313 kr inkl moms

Thermopad Vest - Nordic Sport ?id=14173120528487

Värmeskydd väst

SKU: 1086402

(990 kr ex moms)
1 238 kr inkl moms

Thermopad Back Lumbago - Nordic Sport

Värmeskydd rygg lumbago

SKU: 1086292

(860 kr ex moms)
1 075 kr inkl moms

Thermopad Pants - Nordic Sport ?id=14173115711591

Värmeskydd Byxa

SKU: 1086412

(767 kr ex moms)
958 kr inkl moms

Thermopad Knee Hinged - Nordic Sport ?id=14173106536551

Värmeskydd Knä Skena

SKU: 1086322

(673 kr ex moms)
841 kr inkl moms

Thermopad Knee Patella - Nordic Sport ?id=14173109157991

Värmeskydd Knä Patella

SKU: 1086332

(503 kr ex moms)
629 kr inkl moms

Thermopad Back Single - Nordic Sport ?id=14173089103975

Värmeskydd rygg enkel

SKU: 1086282

(490 kr ex moms)
613 kr inkl moms

Javelin Bag Hard - Nordic Sport ?id=3938448081014

Spjutbag hård

SKU: 7900029

från (450 kr ex moms)
563 kr inkl moms

Thermopad Knee Reinforced - Nordic Sport ?id=14173113450599

Värmeskydd Knä Förstärkt

SKU: 1086352

(405 kr ex moms)
507 kr inkl moms

Magnesium 110 g - Nordic Sport ?id=5128601501814

Magnesium 110 grams set med 8

SKU: 1090501

(380 kr ex moms)
475 kr inkl moms

Thermopad Thigh - Nordic Sport ?id=14173118660711

Värmeskydd Lår

SKU: 1086362

(321 kr ex moms)
402 kr inkl moms

Thermopad Elbow Basic - Nordic Sport ?id=14173098344551

Värmeskydd Armbåge enkel

SKU: 1086382

(306 kr ex moms)
382 kr inkl moms

Thermopad Knee Basic - Nordic Sport ?id=14173104799847

Värmeskydd Knä Enkel

SKU: 1086342

(284 kr ex moms)
354 kr inkl moms

Thermopad Wrist Right - Nordic Sport ?id=14173124100199

Värmeskydd Handled Höger

SKU: 1086312

(272 kr ex moms)
340 kr inkl moms

Thermopad Wrist Left - Nordic Sport ?id=14173122494567

Värmeskydd Handled Vänster

SKU: 1086302

(272 kr ex moms)
340 kr inkl moms

Thermopad Calf - Nordic Sport ?id=14173092020327

Värmeskydd vad

SKU: 1086373

(270 kr ex moms)
337 kr inkl moms

Javelin Bag - Nordic Sport ?id=3938381135990


SKU: 7900027

från (210 kr ex moms)
263 kr inkl moms

Thermopad Ankle - Nordic Sport ?id=14173081436263

Värmeskydd ankel

SKU: 1086422

från (184 kr ex moms)
230 kr inkl moms